Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

About writing

Someone said that I have a write talent.
When i think her words deeper, hmm i don't think so. I believe every person, have its talent, to be a writer.. but it depends, sharpened or not.
I have start to wrote when my big sister stay far from home. I want to tell her about anything has happened at home, at that time, 1984, there’s no phone cell, e-mail or fixed phone. My father taught me how to write, not about what kind of that should i write, but about the arrangement.
Write everything but in one topic and step by step, it’s the clue
When I was in elementary, I have 3 pen friends, all of their address I got from BOBO magazine. And I still contact with one of them. Write a letter sharpen my way of arrange words. It is worked when I’m in long distance relationship with my love. He said really like how I am told some stories or feeling.
Well, for you who are not having self confidence to write, start now, and believe If You Can Dream It You Can Became It.

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